Applications for Apple

Digital agency "ZyxIT" is engaged in the professional development of iOS and macOS applications. Thanks to extensive knowledge and many years of experience, we have learned how to make simple and complex applications for the iPhone, iPad and iMass, with iOS and MAC operating systems of different versions.

Close cooperation with marketers and experts in usability led to a deep understanding of the needs of users, we know how to make the application as efficient as possible. Your ideas are the "soul" of the application. After listening to the wishes, we will study the target audience, learn how they formulate queries, analyze similar applications in the App Store. What do users lack? The answer to this question will be your advantage. Everything is carefully thought through and documented, after which specialists are accepted for implementation: Designers draw a layout, developers turn it into the finished product. The code is written in the Swift or Objective-C languages, using proven and up-to-date technologies. 

We are sympathetic to the projects deadlines and will provide reports on completed tasks at each of the development stages. To ensure the correct operation of the application, manual and automated tests are conducted, after which the application is placed for free in the AppStore. As a result, you get a quality application for iOS and iOS macOS with a user-friendly interface and attractive design that meets Apple's standards and usability. Even after the successful closure of the project, we provide technical support, as well as regularly update the applications for new versions.

Applications for Android

Creating an application for Android OS opens additional opportunities for your business. While others are just learning the cross-platform technologies, you have a unique chance to break into the tops, making a powerful leap into the Android world, where more than 1.7 billion active users live, the number of which is calculated every year. The command "ZyxIT" converts them into your clients.

Being an experienced team in the arena of creating Android applications for smartphones and tablets and PDAs, we provide the necessary support at any stage of development. The path to the hearts of customers is through the satisfaction of their needs, so we always begin work with market research, competitors, the target audience and their preferences. Describe what business tasks the application should solve, and we will figure out how to implement it. In the process of working, your ideas turn into prototypes of the main pages, and then take shape in mock-ups, drawn by the best designers. Visual C #, Visua C ++, Kotlin and JAVA are programming languages used in development for Android.     

The development of Android applications is different from iOS, but the usability laws always work. Intuitive design, adapting to any model of the device and various screen resolutions, convenient layout of menus and buttons - all this will be taken into account when creating the application. Quality control - the constant working principle of our team. We publish the application only when absolutely sure that everything is working correctly and meets the standards, and after the launch we continue to support the project. We are interested in your success, therefore we guarantee a highly effective result in a short time, in compliance with our commitments.

Applications for Windows

Digital agency "ZyxIT" - one of the few companies that create applications for Windows operating systems. We undertake projects of any complexity, while ensuring consistently high quality of products and services.

Windows - applications for business, e-commerce, entertainment and multimedia, news and educational applications - we can all and gladly invite you to make sure of it. Feature  of Windows Phone applications is to adhere to the Metro style: Graphic minimalism, readability, smooth animations, flat rectangular tiles.     

The main idea of Metro is to focus on the text, which fits seamlessly into the concept of mobile design, readability and ease of navigation is also important. By trusting us to develop a Windows application, you can be assured of timely execution, decent quality in accordance with Microsoft Store standards. We do not just create an application, but we convert your ideas into a result that brings real income.

Web and Desktop Projects

Web development and desktop projects is our main specialization. Do you want to create a one-page lending, corporate website, online store, web application, social network, game projects, forum or internet system for automating business processes?

We are able to projects of any complexity - everything that you can imagine and describe to us. In the process of creating any project, we pay special attention to the design. The team employs professional web designers with many years of experience,which develop unique graphical interfaces, draw details, create animations and effects. 

The technical part of the work includes programming and configuration both on the client side and on the server side. At the heart of our activities is a comprehensive approach, which is based on four web-based whales: a strong concept, beautiful graphics, convenient navigation and advanced technologies, which allows you to effectively solve the tasks you set.

Design, 2D, 3D modeling

The theme of design development is worthy of special attention. And we always come to her with trembling, like an inspired artist who peers into a clean canvas, imagining what his picture will be.

The picture is designed to evoke the emotions of the beholder, the design task of the site is to form a positive image. The good design inspires admiration, cuts into the memory, prompts the visitor to act and return to it again. And if you have ever heard the expression "Wow-effect", then it is to what we strive. The design development begins in a dialogue with the client. In many ways the direction of the designer's thoughts determines the tasks that you assign to the site. The layout of the car parts store is different from the layout, for example, the image catalog of a well-known brand.

In the first it is advisable to focus on the information side, the second task is to take the soul by artistic filling. Some sites require more detailed elaboration of details than usual. For example, to attract buyers of cosmetics or clothes, we must show the goods from all sides, invite them mentally to "try on" the product. These tasks successfully solve 2D and 3D modeling. Before us the grandiose work opens: to think over combinations of colors, variants of the sizes and colors, as much as possible coinciding with the original, and also to emphasize advantages, to pay attention to pleasant trifles, accessories, materials.

When the functions of the site meet the needs of users, they reciprocate. Through market research, we will determine which design is right for your target audience and, depending on its preferences, we will select the most effective design. No matter how complicated the tasks seem, if you choose us for design development, we will show you that anything is possible. The key to success for us is the principle of the golden mean: a competent combination of information and image component.

BlockChain, Cryptocurrency

Our team is ready to offer and implement projects related to BlockChain, Exonum, Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, MultiChain, IEO, Cryptocurrency, Exchange, exchangers and a number of other technologies. Below we will try to briefly outline our capabilities that will help you solve your problems for successful business and processes.

Our team can create private BlockChain for solving any specialized tasks that require high data processing speed, not at the expense of reliability and security. At the moment, our specialists can build a network that will process more than 5000 transactions per second. This is many time higher than the public blockchain Bitcoin and Ethereum. At the same time, a consensus algorithm similar to Raft is used. The development uses such programming languages as Rust - which occupies the same niche as C ++, but is more reliable and faster, due to zero-cost abstractions. Programs written with it load all the cores of the processor, parallelize the problems in order to solve them several times faster than programs in C and C ++ do, and also the languages and technologies of Java and Python are closely used. We do not reinvent the wheel every time from scratch, but we use the advanced Exonum Framework. This is the OpenSource framework for the development of powerful private BlockChain from the Bitfury Group. Thanks to this, we have a high speed of development and productivity. 

Exonum -  platform is a leading blockchain framework, designed to bring efficiency and security to your operations.

Corda  - We are well acquainted with the distributed accounting system Corda offered by the R3 Group. The code for it is written by our team in Java and Kotlin. The consortium R3 includes the largest IT corporations and banks, such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan & Co., Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Mitsubishi ,UFJ Financial Group, Morgan Stanley, National Australia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, UniCredit, BNP Paribas, IBM, Intel and others.

Hyperledger Fabric - Our team is fully ready to solve the problems that need to be solved on Hyperledger, this technology solution is actively promoted by such large companies as Linux Foundation, Cisco, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Deutsche Börse Group, J.P. Morgan, State Street, SWIFT, Wells Fargo and others.

Exchange,  market and receipt of payments - We can deploy and configure the node on the server. Provide automated acceptance of payments from customers with a transfer to a cold wallet or any other distribution. At the moment the team actively works with such currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Easily expand this list, if necessary.

Ethereum - On the Ethereum platform, our team owns the fullest range of technologies. We write the SmartContract in the language of Solidity. For this we use IDE Remix and Intelij Idea and a number of other technological solutions. In the development we use the most advanced implementation standards from Zeppelin. We write a SmartContract for the ICO. Tokens with any properties conforming to the ERC20 standard for exchange. For SmartContract management we create convenient dashboards in Java / Python / PHP, which interact with the blockchains and smart contracts. At the same time, we can offer solutions on pure JS or Angular that interact with BlockChain via Web3 and MetaMask.

Design and architecture - Our team can develop unique architectural solutions for non-trivial tasks. Such as:

  • Voting and electronic elections on the blockchains
  • Arbitration on the blockchain
  • Litigation by independent arbitrators like the Augur system.
  • Management of tenure rights. It can be used both for copyrights of works of art, and for property rights.
  • Electronic auctions of all types (open, closed, tenders, etc.)
  • Monitoring of the production chain.
  • Track the origin of raw materials and products.
  • Integration with the Internet of things (IoT + Blockchain).
  • Verification and identification of users with the blockchain.
  • Creation of own crypto currency.
  • and a huge number of directions and technological solutions of the thematic area.

MultiChain - We develop complex systems that consist of many heterogeneous blockchains that exchange information while being protected from forgery.

ICO - Full development of platforms for ICO, the development process includes:

  • Design and projection
  • Development and thinking of logic and architecture
  • Writing a platform
  • Writing a SmartContract
  • Assistance in publishing a project in the publication
  • Technical support and maintenance of ICO

Our team of developers is ready to answer to all of your questions with high professionalism and realize tasks of any complexity and architecture, bringing your project to a new level!

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